We’re an interactive shop based in San Francisco, CA.
We specialize in interactive design and solutions for Web & Mobile, but also love Visual identities and Print design.

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We enjoy creating our own products, brands, apps, websites, bikes, Old Fashioneds… and sticking it to the man!



TRN.TRAK is our mobile app geared towards fitness enthusiasts wanting to log, balance, and improve their strength training performance. We pushed, pulled, and sweated our way through a custom design & iOS development… all the way to the Apple App Store. One of many internal projects to come, we created TRN.TRAK as a way to flex many ins and outs of our creative process… from conception, to branding, user experience, visual design, development, marketing & advertising.

Google Docs Demo: Master’s Edition

Working with FaceFaceFace we created an interactive demo that highlights one of the most prominent features of Google Docs, live collaboration! We brought story- tellers from the past to collaborate with you, mimicking the experience of collaborating with writers of the past, with the technology of today!

TomFoolerySF: Live Gallery!

TomFoolerySF is a stylish, open-air photo booth with endless possibilities. We extended their viral shenanigans by designing and building a fun, simple-to-use web application that automatically updates photos from the photo booth camera to an online gallery for downloading, tweeting, pinning, and facebooking fun!


Agari is changing email security—removing malicious attacks for good. We designed and developed a web experience allowing Agari to visualize how their prestigious technology helps companies like Facebook, Twitter, Paypal prevent email attacks on their customers!

TravelSmith: Travel Center

TravelSmith’s Travel Center is an editorial travel blog and resource center, inspiring people to go places they’ve never been. We helped them create an immersive experience allowing users to not only explore captivating destinations in a visually forward way, but also use tools built to help you get there.

Healthy Choice

Don’t Diet. Live Healthy. We designed a new interactive site For Venables Bell & Partners, allowing Healthy Choice to serve up a fully responsive design that adapts to your hungriest of devices. After thoughtful planning and design we’ve unboxed these foods and allow users to easily browse the Healthy Choice product line with every intention of eating well and living healthy.


We outfitted Costume Designer / Stylist B.Akerlund with a new branding wardrobe and interactive portfolio that stitches together a design representing her signature “over the top” look that has attracted an assortment of today’s most daring fashion forward musicians; Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Blondie, Black Eyed Peas, the list goes on! From the logo, to the design and development of the website, we created an experience that replicates the attitude and innovative styles she is known for.


Our first iPhone & iPad game Mailboxing is now available on the App Store. Every city has its jerk. In this urban jungle, it happens to be the postman, spamming every mailbox in his way. Stand up for the angry locals and smash those mailboxes as you chase down that sneaky postman in a single-tapping frenzy.

Founders Fund

“We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” Founders Fund, a venture capital firm which invests in companies with revolutionary technologies, have been founders of or early investors in numerous well-known companies such as Facebook, PayPal, Napster. We worked with MM-SF to bring their designs to life, building a fluid transitioning, content managing, powerhouse of a website.

Pine Ridge Vineyards

MM-SF took us on a wine tour of superior deliciousness and class. They harvested a design for Pine Ridge Vineyards and we poured a new interactified website and content management system, giving it plenty of legs with a smooth finish.

Edyta Photography

Edyta doesn’t high-five, she high kicks! We designed a new brand and interactive experience that does away the cheesy slide-show of boring work and straight into the exciting personality of this talented photographer. She focuses on telling stories in a way that are creative, cute, and of course memorable… weddings, products, pets, oh my!

Reduce Use

Reducing power consumption is an environmental responsibility, not only to reduce bills, but crucial for sustainability during peak seasons within many metropolitan areas. We teamed up with Sensis to design and develop an interactive tour for SDGE, outlining reductions you can make during a reduce use event!

DJ Cassidy

DJ Cassidy worked closely with us to craft an experience that is both a mix of visual branding as well as an easy-to-use interface that documents the robust career of the celebrity deejay on a multitude of devices. Reeeemix!


We co-op’d with Droga5 on this 007 campaign for the new Goldeneye Wii game. We designed and developed an explosive interface for users to lay proximity mines on the web. Mine the internet, mine your friends!

Black Star Beer

ButcherShop Creative led us on a thirst quenching quest of reintroducing Minott’s double hopped golden lager out of a short hibernation. We designed and built a new hoppy home for Black Star Beer online… including a CMS, various online activations ranging from a tour of the original brewery, a convenient store locator, and even a sweepstakes that is known as “Maybe the Best Trip Ever”.   Enjoy Beer!

Instrumenti debut album – TRU

‘TRU’, the debut album of Instrumenti is an eclectic mix of different genres and overtones. Their sound with each new track so we decided to let the music paint the picture. Every piece of the album artwork was created by the song itself. We might have helped by pouring paint onto blasting speaker membranes and catching the paint spills on paper, we might have helped by playing the drums with paint splashing drum sticks, but the real artist was the sound. We were just instruments.

RIGA shirts

We love our city Riga – a place where we breathe, work and do life. Initially, we did just a few shirts as a tribute to our city, but responding to the fellow-citizen demand, it has turned into a project that has gone beyond our expectations. Join Riga movement and get your RIGA at MIESAI online store.

Latvian Architecture Since 1991

We love books, so when an opportunity presented itself to work for the new book – V*X, Latvian Architecture since 1991, we jumped on board right away. The book assembles essays from five architectural critics of different generations, experiences, opinions and world-views to give an interesting and extraordinary insight into contemporary Latvian architecture. Our aim was to extend this extraordinary view through design, typography & various materials.

Seeks Music

Originated in London, Seeks Music is a homemade independent eclectic freeform internet radio station made by music creators, bloggers, promoters, and obsessives. We like what they do, so we spent our summer vacation designing & developing their website.

Betsy Works

Betsy Works is a production company specialising in high-end moving image for the world of advertising and beyond. We came along and designed their new website–simple yet elegant portfolio with a clear focus on the produced videos.


Increase the size of your quake preparedness by 110%. ISH handled the design and we Interactified a site that teaches San Francisco what to do before, during, and after an earthquake.

Baltic Film Services

Baltic Film Services delivers film, tv & commercial production services in the Baltic region. Their clients are looking for clarity, punctuality & efficiency so we designed an identity that communicates these qualities in a well-defined way by using clean typography and a simple grid system. The website incorporates these ideas with a clean layout, gorgeous shots from behind-the-scenes & smooth navigation.

Veto Magazine contribution

We were approached by Latvian music & culture magazine Veto to contribute illustrations & art direction for two consecutive issues. They gave us freedom to experiment & play around so we mashed up different styles, shapes and techniques for your eyes to rejoice.

Weather Underground

We worked with WU to provide some conceptual approaches to both usability and visual design for their iPhone application. We kept the power user in mind and created a usable interface that allows users to skim locations or quickly browse into scientific details.

DS Magazine Cover

We used eleven different typefaces to design the cover of DS, the latvian design magazine. The issue’s main theme being based around Latvia’s identity, we entertained a variety of typefaces from the Baltic type showcase – Burtustype.com. We maintained the theme throughout the magazine by typesetting article titles in the same fashion.


Instrumenti is a lovely music duo created by two talented musicians. They perform everything from pop-music to electro beats and even operatic arias from the 18th century. What they didn’t have though was a proper website. This is where we came in and designed a small but handy website that gives you the most relevant content in an easy to understand way.  

Latvia World Expo 2010

Creating the graphic identity of Latvia for the World Expo 2010 has definitely been our biggest project so far this year. Moving away from the old and worn-out traditional patterns, we’ve taken a different look at our nation and ignited a new spirit of happiness into its identity to help present the country in a different way. Latvia – Technology of Happiness.

Cirulis Typeface

The typeface “Cirulis” was specifically made for the book of Ansis Cirulis – one of the first latvian designers. The characters of this typeface is based on the original calligraphy found throughout Cirulis’ work.


In collaboration with creative director Armands Leitis, we spent months of sleepless nights designing the new weekly magazine “ir” (is). This was an entirely new experience that made us fall in love with magazines. In addition, we were also asked to design the website for ir.lv.

Tvida Brauciens

Poster design for the local tweed run, organized by our friends at the bicycle renovation studio Erenpreiss and Latvian Vintage Bicycle club.

Kalnina Mammas Tejas

Kalnina Mammas Tejas (Kalnins Mom’s Teas) is our newly developed brand introducing hand picked tea from Latvian fields and forests. In collaboration with pharmacist Lillija Kalnina, we’re bringing the purest leaves and flowers to the city.

Hyundai USA

Number 9 led us into a world of Sedans, CUV’s and Sport Hatches. They headed the design for this truly elegant online experience. We helped polish, buff and innovate portions of this shiny new paint job. The mechanics at KNI were originally under the hood and did amazing work! Lets just say that ultimately the client didn’t stick with the “Premium Package”.

IVA – Desert Gardens

IVA asked us to design their debut album cover. The plain, deserted sleeve makes way for the intricate gardens that unfold within, bringing the title “Desert Gardens” to life, and letting us to play with origami at work.

Tramplini – Tumba Rumba

Our rockstar friends Tramplini put out a nice little album under the U.S. label Series Two Records. We were happy to help them with the cover.

Satellites LV

Satellites LV has always been one of our favourite bands, so we were particularly excited for the possibility to work on one of the designs for their new double album release. Both album designs used drawings by Satellites LV member Edgars Zilde, which then were interpreted in different ways.

Nick Pride & The Pimptones

Irresistable funk grooves by Nick Pride & The Pimptones and a nice poster we did to help promote their show.

Bastions Security

The goal of this project was to completeley rebrand the company now know as “Bastions Security”. The tasks included developing a new brand name, corporate identity, website and promotional materials.


Having the aim to collect all the best Latvian & Baltic design related news and events we launched a small newsblog so you can know what’s going on around the block. Recently we’ve started a video series meeting some of the most influential designers, photographers and creative people in the region to talk about their life, work and ideas.

James Phillips Voiceovers

Combining vocation & experience, James Phillips directs voice castings, film dubbing, ADRs for feature films, and original voice soundtracks for animation films. He has become a signature voice in English, ranging from TV/Radio commercials to documentaries.

Haunted Attraction

A social platform that is not afraid of a little blood. We created an online community for HA magazine, a community that embraces horror in a fun, shit-your-pants kind of way!